Mediation Fees:

Fees and costs of the mediation are in accordance with the following fee schedule: 

    a)    $ 125.00 per hour / per party.  Each party will pay an initial and minimum non-refundable fee of           $ 500.00 (4 hours) prior to the start of mediation. 

            low-income sliding scale may be requested.

    b)    Direct costs of travel and out of pocket expenses, to be determined prior to the first session. 

    c)    Fees will be charged regardless of the outcome of the mediation (i.e. if one or both parties                  withdraw from mediation, or should an impasse occur). 

    d)    Payments are due at the time of signing the mediation agreement. Additional time will be billed upon                        conclusion of the mediation at the hourly rate. Payments may be made by check, cash, or credit card. 

​Training and Seminar Fees:

Fees and costs related to training or seminars will be determined at the time of scheduling the event.

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